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Quick GOSM smoke question

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Total newbie here, just got my GOSM up and running and am currently seasoning it. I put two chunks of wood in the smoke box and covered it and instead of the "think blue" line of smoke it's POURING smoke out.. still blue but there's a ton of it.


Temperature is holding strong at 235 using a digital thermometer.


I take it this is bad right? What should I do to get less smoke or should I not worry about it?

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Pull one chunk out if you can and move the other toward the edge of the fire and see if you can get it to smolder gently.  Seasoning the unit is also a great time to practice and learn how it responds to tweaks.

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Thanks for the reply, I actually just went out there and it had stopped smoking so I pulled out the wood box and it was black chunks. I turned it off as it's too dark to see now and I'll try smoking a tri-tip and some country style ribs tomorrow.


Anyway the wood box is so small that two chunks is all that I could fit in there and there isn't any room to move them around.


I found a couple of posts as well that said the smoke box for the GOSM wasn't very good and I should replace it with a cast iron skillet. I also read where I could wrap the wood chunks in aluminum foil and poke some holes in it so I think I'll try that tomorrow and if that doesn't help I'll do the skillet thing.

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Good luck & let us know how it works out.

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I use a stainless smoke box that you normally throw on the grill like this: 


It's wide enough that I can rest it on top of the rack the original smoke box fits in and have never had a problem with it. 

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Don't worry it was probley oil from being made.I replaced my chip pan with a bread loaf pan last a lot longer and fits perfect . I foil it to keep flare ups down.

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I ended up just using one chunk of wood at a time with the stock pan and it seemed to work out okay. I've never had smoked tri tip before and it was completely different than grilled. It ended up being much juicer and smelled somewhat like beef jerky if that even makes sense. I wasn't pleased with the country ribs. I used Jeff's seasoning and I don't think I put enough on and I think there was more fat than meat on the cuts I got.


Here's some pics



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You can also you a aluminum can like peaches, beans, or anything else come in. I just drill some holes in it to allow the smoke to escape more.

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