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First Competition, First Win, First Q View..

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A couple weeks ago we had a rib & loin cook-off in a neighboring town so my 8 year old and I decided to take the challenge and see what we could do.  I didn't do a great job of taking pics during the process, i was a little busy 30.gif!  I used Jeff's rub, and ECTO1's process for the ribs, i used cherry wood from a couple trees i cut down in my back yard.  I had made a convection plate the week before and I don't think i got the holes large enough to get good airflow and battled the smoker temp a good part of the day.  Tried to keep the temp at 225 but found that I had to keep the smoker box door open and adjust the direction of the smoker to allow the wind to keep things stoked.


Pulled the ribs off and let them sit for a bit before I cut em.  Would have liked to have them pulled from the bone a little more...


All cut up and ready to select the top 18


The smoky dozen  and 1/2 ready to be submitted


Used Jeff's rub on the loin as well.  Seasoned bacon with Chipotle rub and wrapped her up.  Smoked the loins on my ECB. Took them to 145, wrapped and put in a cooler for 45 mins or so.


Busted our butts on the ribs, and did not put too much effort in the loins but ended up winning the loin comp and not placing in the ribs... go figure.  Any way my partner and I have a "Golden Pig" for the mantle, split the winnings and had a great day of Daddy - Daughter time!!



Thanks for lookin!  Thanks for all of the advice, could not have done it without all of the great people on SMF!


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great story...thanks for posting the pics....you just can't beat days like that, that's something she'll remember forever. Even if you won nothing you're a winner in my book....

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That is so awesome Lucky13, what a great day! You got a great little helper there. I think the Golden Pig is cool.

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Good for you man!  Taking second in the loin comp is wonderful......sharing the experience with your daughter....PRICELESS!!!!


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Awsome brother looks like it was a good time!

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Very nice!!





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sausage.gifCONGRATS sausage.gif


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Very cool! Congrats to you and your little helper! Great way to spend some quality time with the kid, I bet she will remember that day for the rest of her life! biggrin.gif

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Congratulations to both of you...

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Way to go!! Congratulations!! icon14.gif

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Looks-Great.gifThe best things in life aren't things.This would be one.

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Congrats!  Great job.  Good lucking grub.


The pic that got me, though, was you and your daughter!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Congrats! Sounds like an awesome time!
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Looking good nothing like getting a call on your first comp.  Congrats and double congrats for sharing the moment with family.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone! 

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That's just plain awesome.

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That's awesome. The ribs look great. It all looks great. Congrats to you and your little helper.

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Absolutely awesome.  A Day your daughter will one day tell to her children.  Fantastic! and Congratulations.

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