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My first brisket

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I'm Phil. I've been lurking around here for a while, soaking up all this knowledge - Thank you every one - you have all contributed to my waist line!!


Anyway, I bought a 17# packer on Tuesday this week, trimmed most of the fat off, (I think it weighs about 14 lbs after that) and vacuum bagged it with a variation of a marinade recipe I found on another forum, courtesy of Elder Ward. I can pass this on if anyone is interested.


I saved the fat, thinking I would placed the fat on racks over the brisket during the cook.  I may have been a bit hasty in that decision. What's done is done.


My major concern is the dripping fat washing any bark away as the brisket smokes. My temps won't be that high for the first part of the cook, going for about 200 overnight, but my smoker holds more heat up towards where the fat will be. I've never actually seen fat rendering so I don't know how much liquid will be dripping down.


Anyone have experience with this type of thing? Maybe a different plan of attack is in order?


I'm taking the thing to heat tonight (Friday) around 9 pm pacific. I'm cooking on ceramic (Primo XL), indirect with a water pan.


Thanks for any input. I'll get some pics up and follow up with the finished product.


PS. Anyone in the South Puget Sound Area, Washington State. Cash and Carry has full packer cuts for $2.08 per #

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Al has some briskets on here where he does the same thing with the fat and his briskets have more then enough bark.

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Putting the fat above the brisket works well to keep it moist. You will still get nice bark formation. Here's a pic of one I did this way. You can see it has nice bark & is very juicy.



4-2-11 23.JPG

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man oh man Al that looks great I remember that Q!

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That looks awesome!  Thanks, I'm feeling better about it.

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AL wouldn't steer you wrong biggrin.gif

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Q-view added - Onto the Primo (Medium).JPGinto the smoke (Medium).JPG190 or Bust (Medium).JPG

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I failed. I had to run out for a while, a while turned into longer.


Fire went low, my jerky was at 125 when I got back.


May be able to save the point for some burnt ends, worried about food poisoning.


Poor execution.

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