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Been a MES owner / user for a few years now and even though i have one of the older 800 watt

40" units and i did have to replace the terminals after a year ,IMHO it's a great unit for the cost and very easy to use.

 As for the AMNS, I was happy w/ my MES and probably would have never purchased the AMNS. But since i was given one By another member (thanks Al) i decided to give it a try.

 I have to say that it is a great addition to the MES.  I use it along w/ my normal chip tray and it does what everyone said it would do.

  Have used the AMNS alone to cold smoke cheese . Didn't come out to well ( melted)

 But that was just because the ambiant temps were in the upper 90s that day and even w/ a bowl of ice the inside temps in the smoker were to high.

  If i were in the market for another electric smoker ,I would buy another MES in a heartbeat.


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Originally Posted by ExhaustedSpark View Post

  Stay away from MES. You are just going to have to rebuild it and then you will have to get AmaZn smoker to make it work.

I have yet to find an MES owner that did not over haul it or add an AmaZn Smoker.

Sorry folks just the facts.




First off my way of making statements is to short and cold. For that i Apologize.

I agree about the investigate like Todd said. I found this forum just that way.  And it does seem to me that all i have read about the mes is that it has to be modified. I am glad to hear that it has a loyal following. I do think it is one of the best looking ones out there. Just i was noticing all comments were about fixing. I know the comp. is a great comp from other products i have bought from them.  I recant my statements about the Mes but do suggest that it need something like the Amazn to complete it.




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