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flat brisket

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I have a brisket flat was wondering what type of rub would go on it since this is my first time smoking one . Any help would be appreciated. what temp do i bring it up to


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I use a simple salt, black pepper onion powder and garlic powder (SPOG)


Smoke @ 225º till an internal temp of 165º, then foil and continue to smoke till an IT of 190º ( for slicing) or 205º for (pulling)


Hope this helps.

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Here's how a few others did their first brisket!! 


Interesting reading..found it using the handy dandy search tool up top!!


  Have a great day!!




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Rub is a matter of taste.i will look at the search options. i will smoke it at 225 F til IT 165 foil it and pull it out to rest at  IT 205 F you can add liquid when you foil it like Apple juice or what ever flavor you patient and don't peek all the time at your brisket it will drop your temp.

good luck and good smoking

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Sounds like the guys have you covered.

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