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The dry brine pulls out all moisture seen in the picture.  I did not add liquid at all.  Thanks for all the great replys and I will think of each and every one of you when I MUNCH OUT..   laugh1.gif

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Excellent job!  Beautiful pics, too!


Good luck and good smoking.

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OMG OMG this is great one day one day

great post thanks

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It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than That !!!



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a sum total of 27.4 pounds of unadultrated, vacuum sealed Alaskan King Salmon--in the freezer  MINUS a few bites here and there..


Thanks to all for the kind comments.. Been a loooong weekend with little sleep.. but well worth the effort and will do again next weekend  (wed-thurs) my weekend that is..



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one word...   WOW



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Looks fantastic Alaskan Bear! Thanks for posting your process. cool.gifbravo.png

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bowdown.gif  bowdown.gif  bowdown.gif Now that's some salmon. icon14.gif

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Thank you so much for taking us through the process. This was an amazing thread!

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WOWSERS...Now Those are some nice KING Salmon!!!! Thanks for sharing Alaskan Bear. Thanks for the Fantastic Q-View.drool.gif

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WOW. How long did it take to land those suckers?

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Took the wife about 35 minutes, she got the big one... and mine was about 10 minutes-- Took a total of 3 days to turn them into smoked salmon candy and smoked chunks..


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OMG I have never seen anything like that before. Fantastic. Say Hello to Sarah.

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OMG Rich i came back to this post all the time i cant believe my eyes th_Clapping.gif

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Excellent job!  Not only on the finished product, but also on the catching.Looks-Great.gifLove some Indian candy!

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Nothing better than smoked King Salmon.  Every few years of so, the Kings return to spawn in the Ventura area, heading I assume back to the Ventura and Santa Clara rivers... been lucky enough to catch a few on my boat....



Check that, nothing better than fresh King salmon....


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Beautiful fish!!!!  thank you for the pics!!  WOW

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Thanks for the idea for Horsdevours for August.  I see man candy for the guests before the meat is done.  Now where do I catch a salmon in Colorado?

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