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First Pure Pork in my new smoker

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I've smoked sausages twice, fish once and made pastrami 3 times.  Today I tried pork.

ribs rubbed and ready.jpg

Two racks of baby backs rubbed and ready.


loin rubbed and ready.jpg


And two chunk of loin that I rescued from the freezer.


I rubbed them last night with a mix of pickling spice (mainly coriander and mustard), cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, Hungarian paprika, red pepper flakes, salt and brown sugar.  I think that was about it.  Oh yeah, some chili powder, dried garlic and dried onion too.


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And in they go.

into the smoker they go.jpg

The camera was making the funky colors today.  It was raining so the flash was going. 


After a bit of this I gave them a bit of this.

smoking chimney.jpg


Today it was produced with this generator that I just set above the element.

todays smoke generator.jpg


After a couple of hours of lounging in there, they were looking like they needed a rest.

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Coming along nicely at this point.

ready to foil.jpg


So I put a little apple juice in the bottom of the pan/foil and bagged them up.



About an hour of this and I figured the ribs were ready for their freedom and a final toasting.

ribs unfoiled.jpg


I think


ribs unfoiled closeup.jpg

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 I think they are done so into the kitchen they go

ribs in the kitchen.jpg


Oops, maybe a little overdone on the loins.


loin a little overdone.jpg


money shot on ribs.jpg


ribs money 2.jpg


Don't know if these are to a high standard, but they are moist, tasty and tender.  I made a dipping sauce from some of the rub, some homemade aged apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and the apple juice/rib juice from the foiling pan.  It was really nice.

dipping sauce.jpg


The loin only made it out for a peak.  It did accidentally get knicked by the knife for a taste, but that was about it.

loin peaks out for a look see.jpg


Now I'm fat and happy and full.



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Dayum! That looks good

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Everything looks delicious!

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It was delicious.  I was never much into grilling, I know blasphemy, but I'm liking my new smoking and cooking device.  This is only the third time I've done ribs in the last 2 years and I thought they all turned out well, but these were the best.  The fridge conversion smoker has been around the horn now and performed very well.  All that's left is to wave it home and see if it can handle bacon and some cold smoking.

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Great job.  You will have no problem cold smoking in that for sure!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great looking ribs

Thanks for the Qviewthumb1%20copy.gif



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Thanks guys.  I sliced up some of the loin tonight and had a nice sandwich on some heavy bread I made today.  Very tasty.


I'm sure hoping the cold smoking will work because I definitely want to try my hand at some aged salamis this fall.  Or sooner.  I'm going to try to get a video of my new smoke generator prototype up in my build thread over in the fridge conversion section by later tonight.

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Post the bread recipe.  Especially if it is sourdough?


Good luck and good smoking.

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