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Second attempt at Brisket...patience...patience

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Hi All,


This will be a lengthy thread as I start tonight with initial

cutting and marinating, then will post as I go along to the

big finish Saturday late afternoon.


I work at SweetBay and got a great price on this lil' 5.5 lb.'er

(SweetBay Super Markets in Florida)


I cut it in half as there is only my wife and I and left overs

might end up in the dogs dish as we can't eat that much.


So... here we go, and please feel free to pipe in with comments

and suggestions (I'm pretty thick skinned so let it fly), I just

want a great result:


Never mind that man holding the Brisket!


Brisky Dreams 001.jpg


A closer look:


Brisky Dreams 004.jpg


Gotta' cut this this thing down:Brisky Dreams 006.jpg


It's a dirty piece of meat, gonna take a bath for 3 days:

Brisky Dreams 007.jpg


OK, so there it is and I will keep posting as I go. Of course, don't expect a novel between now and Saturday, but I'll pop in and let you know how it's coming along

and to take comments and suggestions.


Help here though from the pro's: What is the best chips to use?


Thanks Guys and Gals, and be sure to view my video of all the Hi-Jinx on Saturday,

It'll be action packed and edge of your seat suspense.....well...as much as a brisket

can offer I guess.


You are the best...James

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So far so good,

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Looks good. Looks like you decided to smoke the flat only this time?


What did you marinate in?


Looks good so far

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Thanks RdKnB. TD I'll be honest, I'm new to smoking so I used two packets

of Larry's Marinate with beef broth, mixed it and that's the bath. I'm probably

going to buy a recipe or have to Google "rub" & "marinate" and do research

for a really great rub and marinate.


Sometimes there not enough time in the day to get everything accomplished

that I would like to...I'm positive there is a better way to make a living than

going to work.


Everyone seems to think Jeff's stuff is good, so I'll probably invest in that, it's

got great reviews.


Still, I'm not convinced I want to use hickory on this...anyone?


I love this place...James

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If your new to smoking I would use apple or cherry, you can't delete smoke if it's to heavy to your liking. I don't know what smoker you have, let us know and someone with that model will surely chime in. icon14.gif

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Never marinated brisket before. Interested to see how it turns out.

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It is a nice piece of meat.  i will wait 438881-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Nervous-Businessman-Biting-His-Nails.jpg

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+1 on the jeffs rub you can add or remove a few items to your taste...


post up a pic of your smoker and lets have a look at your setup!beercheer.gif

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Hi All,


Just got home from work thought I'd check in. A picture of the smoker

you say...but of course:


chix smoker 007.jpg


My wife bought it for me for our anniversary, she is the coolest. We just got this house so I haven't

had time yet to customize the lanai yet. It does have electricity and hot & cold water access, so

I do plan on tricking it out Key West style with my grill, my smoker, a bar I plan on building, but I

have to get everything in its place first.


I marinate almost everything except full chickens. I plan on using Jeff's rub on the other half of this

Brisket in a couple of weeks. Call me crazy but it's a learning curve with tasty benefits.


Thanks all, you rock...James

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looking forward to hear about the marinade & how that ECB does on the brisky

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 Hi James,I would go with Meateater's suggestion on the apple or cherry for smoke.

Hickory can be overwhelming on long smokes, such ad brisket and butts.

Looking forward to seeing this brisky all smoked and sliced sausage.gif

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Thanks Meateater and Raptor, I will go tomorrow and pick up some Apple and use that.


BTW everyone, I plan on adding ABT's to the menu along with smoked

twice smoked baked potatoes, (did I say that right?).


I'm gonna smoke the potatoes to 2/3's the way done, slice them, core them,

make a mix of - sour cream-bacon bits-chives-shredded cheddar on top

and them smoke them to all the way done.


ABT's   will have Cherizo-cream cheese-chives-cheddar then wrapped in delicious



Thoughts or improvements???



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OK, Saturday is finally here and I'm workin' my ECB on a Brisky

and a few other goodies. goes something like this:


Brisky Dreams2 001.jpg


I bought 2 bags of the Apple wood chips, 1 that I soaked in water and made 5 individual pouches, and the other bag

will be to throw dry chips on here and there just to smoke up the meat kind of flash like:


Brisky Dreams2 002.jpg


Brisky Dreams2 004.jpg


I throw 1 pouch in every hour and a half and when the 5th pouch is in, I start paying real close attention:


Brisky Dreams2 003.jpg


Brisky Dreams2 005.jpg


Here I am, into it for an hour or so:


Brisky Dreams2 006.jpg


And now on to phase 2, BWAHAHAHAHA:


Brisky Dreams2 008.jpg


As soon as I get the ABT's done, I'll post a pic. Anyone know about how long ABT's take so I can time it right?


Thanks all...James

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Just for a Qview quick post:


ABT's 001.jpg




ABT's 002.jpg




ABT's 003.jpg




ABT's 004.jpg




ABT's 005.jpg


And Finally:


ABT's 006.jpg


I hope they turn out right. I'm thinking they might take an hour to smoke up properly. Did someone say pay attention

to the bacon, if it's done then the ABT's are done...correct? Thanks...james

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Progress 001.jpg


Progress 004.jpg


Progress 006.jpg

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James you need to get you a good probe thermometer and not rely on the thermometer that is in the smoker, those are hardly ever right... 


Looking good so far.  I will be watching to see how it turns out.  I like that Henckels Twin Knife you have there.

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I've been watching, but I don't know about any smokers other than electric, but I can see you're in good hands here.


Looking good so far!



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Hi All,


Sorry it took so long to post the ending, I ate and while I was smoking the Brisket,

of course I was having some beers as well...all day...um..had to be at work this

morning at 5:00 am, so....I'm gonna need a witness for the rest of the night last

night. LOL...here goes:


Twice smoked potatoes:


the end 001.jpg


the end 002.jpg


the end 003.jpg


the end 004.jpg


the end 005.jpg


the end 006.jpg


the end 007.jpg


the end 008.jpg


the end 009.jpg


the end 010.jpg


BTW @ Beer-B-Q, yup, got a probe goin' on. I show the temp on the smoker for consistency. Havin' fun.


the end 012.jpg


the end 013.jpg


the end 015.jpg


the end 017.jpg


the end 018.jpg


the end 020.jpg


I'll admit ...not much ring to brag on, or...at all..heh, heh... but this Brisky was soft and tender like butta'. the potatoes and ABT's were out of this world. I'm going to use Jeff's rub next time as I bought it while waiting yesterday. IT of the Brisket was 195* and held so that's when I foiled it, toweled it and set it in a cooler for about an hour. Very tender.


Thanks to you all for following along and helpful comments... I really like this forum and the members here. Looking forward to a meet up come fall/winter.   Enjoy your day and see ya' soon...James

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nice jobthumb1.gif

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ALL looks Great James !!!!


Those last two Qviews (BearViews) really got to me!


Thanks for showing it all.



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