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Hey Doug


You got a lot of useful info here.  But I gotta tell you, I"m just a little more KISS.  I buy partially grown tomato plants at Walley World or Home Depot.  Take them home and put one each in a BIG pot.  I fill the pot up with my compost, and take a big chunk of junk drywall, crush it up with pliers, mix it with some (as in way more than they recommend) Miraclel Grow and spread it on.  Then I water the hell out of it (all my pots have large holes in the bottom (holes covered with rocks and pottery shards).  I put the pots in the sunniest spot in my yard and water the hell out of them every night.  Never have a problem or a shortage,  They grow so well, I have to use those tomato vine thingies (dont know what they're called--just wire that keeps everything standing uprigiht)



I've never heard of using Epsom Salts--great idea.  How much would you use per plant.  Wanna try it this year.  Oops, just reread your post, so that was a really dumb question.  LOL



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I have some growing now, bought at the store and so far so good. What does the drywall do for them?

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Dry Wall = Calcium Sulfate
Epsom Salts = Magnesium Sulfate
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Somehow, it just does not look like BER to me. BER has a very defined edge between rot and the uninfected area.


BTW, BER can happen mostly when the tomato is very young and green.


Possible some kind of blight?








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Use of fertilizer low in nitrogen, but high in superphosphate, such as 4-12-4 or 5-20-5.  Don't cultivate too close to the plant or you'll damage the  feeder roots.  Also, you can add more calcium to the soil not only with egg shells but clam and oyster shells too.  Good luck!

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You might find this useful.....

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