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Spicy Smoked Chicken Tomato Soup

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I previously posted this in an old post asking for a recipe but decided to move it to the top, maybe i'll get in that fancy image ticker at the top of the forum ;)


Alright here it is..nothing fancy i suppose just grabbed a few things from the store, my garden and pantry..



- 2 can Campbells tomato soup

- 1 can tomato paste

- 1 can mixed veggies

- 2 jalepenos from the garden

- a hand full of yello cherry tomatoes from the garden

- a few bella mushrooms

- 3 cloves garlic

- couple hand fulls of smoked chicken coarsely chopped (white and dark meat)

- salt, pepper, ground mustard, and Joe's Hot Stuff seasoning from The New Orleans School of Cooking (good stuff!)





Sauteed the garlic in EVO and tossed in the chopped Japs.  Also brought the soup, canned veggies and paste to a boil



When the garlic browned i added to tomatoes to make 'em sweat




At the same time added chopped chicken to the soup and brought down heat to simmer. Added mushrooms to the sautee for a minute or 2.



Added everything into the pot and let simmer 15-20 mins.  Realized i needed to use a bigger pot!



Here she is ready to eat! had a really good spice from the Japs. and the smoked infused into the soup and gave it a great flavor!



Sorry for the blurry shot....i was hungr and in a rush :)

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Looks delicious!

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I could go for a bowl of that. drool.gif

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Thanks Doug, I've been thinking about this since you posted thumb1.gif

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Looks mighty tasty Doug.

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The soup looks  imagesCA8B4LN3.jpg

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