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Smoked ribs: spares, baby backs, country style, beef!

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On Sunday I hosted fathers day and a relative from Italy, who had never had real smoked ribs.  Pressure was on to give him a proper introduction to some great BBQ!


I picked up a variety of cuts.  Clockwise from the bottom:  Pork spare ribs, a large rack of baby backs split in half, some beef short ribs, and some country style ribs.





Everything got rubbed up using a variety of rubs.  The beef short ribs got a marinade and ziplocked, then wrapped in foil.  I also set aside the trimmings to use in my baked beans.




After an overnight rest, got the Horizon fired up.  I used exclusively pecan wood for this smoke.






Here's a peek after a couple of hours.  The ribs trimmings are on the foil, they got chopped up and put into the beans.






The spares went for 5 hours (3-2-1), everything else for about 4 (2-1-1) hours.  Here's a look as I was taking everything off the smoker.





Slicing up the spare ribs.  You'll notice they aren't the most meaty cut, but they still tasted good.






On to the baby backs.  These were a meaty cut and came out great.








I dumped all the ribs into a big pan and we ate 'em out on the patio.  Normally I prepare spares, but these baby backs stole the show.





Close up of the beef short ribs.  These were a pleasant surprise, really tender and flavorful!




Chopped up beef short ribs.





Everything came out great, our foreign guest enjoyed his first BBQ and Jeff's sauce sealed the deal.  Thanks for checking out my QView!



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Nice looking ribs! drool.gif

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Excellent. He'll never want pasta again. LOL


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Everything looks great!

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Those ribs came out great and what an assortment.

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Everything looks delicious!

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first.gif  First class my friend!

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Thanks for the Qview drool.gif

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Very nice, great job.

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