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Only place I get mine is Sam's. Good quality, good price.

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I just bought Boston Butts yesterday at Sams here In Spfld Mo to cook tomorrow...

A single butt was 2.08 a pound

The double cryopack was 1.77 a pound


fwiw (for what it's worth) my wife refused to give any of the last one I made away to anyone to try... that was from my "butt from hell posting" and the first attempt of smoking a boston butt... so I bought the double pack this time.


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I just read your BFH post, thanks for sharing. This will be my first butt on Saturday. I may be doing it with out my ET-732 which has not shipped yet! Hoping for a reasonable plateau....

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Sams club $1.68 a lb this week

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Thumbs up on that. LOL

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Sam's is minimally prosed too.Ready to be injected and your not buying salt water weight.a36.gif

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Sams here in michigan is around 1.77/lb but there's a cheaper meat market that I go to they were a 1.20/lb last year but up to 1.43/lb the other day still not too shabby I buy alot to grind and mix with venison for sausage, bacon, brats etc...

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Originally Posted by michael ark View Post

The u.s.a is the worlds bread basket.But this year i have seen more brown empty unplanned Fields than ever .It's scary .They say Ark planted 30% less rice than last year because of fuel prices.Bush agri gets it's rice here for it's beer 3 miles from my house.So beer will go up and so will rice along with all foods.

Beer should not be made with rice.


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Most of the markets are $2.99 here Costco was $2.29 a couple weeks ago

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Never paid more than $1.79/lb before, usually at Wal-Mart. Cheaper on sale usually, too.

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Originally Posted by Venture View Post

Bad news from the other coast.  A year ago we were buying butts for 99/lb on sale.  Now it is 1.99/lb on sale, and 1.69 if we are really lucky.  I guess sending all that corn for $4 gas was a good thing.  It wasn't the change some people thought?


Good luck and good smoking.

The increase is from mandates doubling ethanol requirements in gasoline passed in 2005 and 2007 resulting in higher corn prices today.

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Looked yesterday at my fav 'low-price' market and they were 1.69. Agree with the above posts, they used to be under a buck a pound usually. Saw picnics for 1.19 though, not bad. I also try and hit the market that caters to the local Hispanic shoppers for pork. Sometimes the price is lower but quality is suspect. Ribs are getting outta sight price wise as did chicken wings. I used to be a sales rep for a huge food distributor....beef & pork prices always spike as we near summer, 'they' know everybody starts the grilling season & can take advantage of the demand and get a higher margin.

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The last couple of times I checked they were 2.99 in my usual store here.  Last winter I was getting them when they were on sale for .99.  I agree with Chef Willie, put the pork butts into your budget in January and February and pop them into the freezer.  You'll be a happy camper come June, July and August.

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Just paid $1.29 lb. at Price Rite

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Paid 1.69 for ind cryo packed butts .Paid 1.79  for  cryo packed ribs 2 to a pack.Paid 1.29  for Tyson wings fresh.Paid .99 for chicken breast  split.

The prices have really went crazzy here.

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Was $1.69 last purchase at Jetro, 2pk boneless.

2.99 A LB, Wow


Hmmm! lets see, $2.99 a lb with an estimated 50% yield, that's $5.98 a LB for Pulled Pork

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Usually 2.28lb. here in Louisiana sale at 1.78lb. last year you could buy them all day at .99lb....

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I live in Lakeland as well but have not seen that price in a long time.... Where ya talking?

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