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WEDDING UPDATE (pics added)

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I normally don't post long stories on the internet, and I haven't done much except ask for advice on this forum, but I figure I owe you all on this one:


I just had one of the most incredible experiences of my life last Saturday.  Thanks so much to this forum and especially MotoChef and ScarBelly (who was generous enough to give me his personal phone#) for all the tips.  I wouldn't have had a chance if not for your expert advice.  Everything came together perfectly with the help of my family and friends.  We had no hired help (other than Critton Hollow String Band) and over 120 attendees plus kids. 


I ended up using the cooler method suggested by MotoChef.  I did a trial run on Friday as suggested by ScarBelly (while cooking the last shoulder).  I filled a big cooler with 190 F water and it held above 160 for 5 hours.  On Saturday my father in law and I started around 1, and used a turkey fryer to heat the water for the cooler.  Then I used the turkey fryer basket in a big stock pot to heat the meat.  The basket prevented meat from touching the sides and bottom of the pot, so I was able to put a lot of meat in it at once.  I heated the pot to about 190 and let the meat sit in it for about 15 minutes and threw it in the cooler.  I was done with the meat by about 3:00, helped with setting up the farm, and got changed by 4:30.  I checked the water temp in the cooler and it was holding at about 160 with an hour or so before the meat would be served.  The wedding started at 5.  I had a few trusted friends in charge of the meat, both of whom are more experienced with cooking (not smoking) than I am.  All they had to do was open the bags and dump them in chafing dishes (and add my premade finishing sauce to the pork).  They used the perfect amount of sauce, and it came out great.  We had homemade pasta salad, potato salad, and cupcakes (all made by the bride and her girlfriends) with store bought coleslaw, bean salad, and buns.  The meat was pulled pork, smoked chicken, and two smoked venison hind quarters.  The only thing we ran out of was the venison.  Sure enough, as ScarBelly warned, there were people filling their plates with chicken and pork and not using buns, but I still have several bags of pork and chicken that I refroze for later (and smaller) get togethers.''


I teared up when my bride walked down the aisle.  I teared up when she mentioned in her vows our old dog who just died before Christmas.  Then after about the 3rd person came up to me telling me how great the meat was (and I believed them), I almost lost it!!  I put so much time and effort and worried so much, and it all finally came together.


I will try to put up a few pics of the wedding and some Q-view in the next few days. 


Thanks so much!!



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Congratulations to you and your bride! Sounds like the blessed event was perfect.
Just watch out, now all your friends are going to want you to cater for them. yahoo.gif
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beercheer.gif congrats to a job will done!

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That is great news Chris. Congratulations on pulling of a successful wedding.


You did all the work and made it happen and you need to be very proud of what you did. Your accomplishment is one that very few can ever claim.


Best wishes to you any to your bride for a happy, long lasting marriage and friendship.



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Congrats Chris,

 I wish you and your new Bride a life time of happy times and all the best in your life together.... It is what you make of it...

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Great news Chris and Congratulations to you and your new Bride! I am really glad everything worked out for you and it sounds like it was a great success. You can't beat the knowledge on this site and you got some great advice. Would definitely like to see some pics when you have some time but we understand you may have some other things on your mind. 

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Congrats Chris. Glad everything worked out.

It's funny how we stress over the stuff that (when it comes down to it) really doesn't matter. My wife and I made the same mistake. The important people in our lives who care about us don't really care what we serve or where we have our wedding. They are there to join and support us in one of the most important days of our lives.


But you pulled off a good one anyway.


Here's to a happy and full life together.



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Congrats Chris!   bravo.png

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Congradulations Chris! Sounds like a great wedding and a great dinner!

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Congrats Chris!


I can't imagine all the stress you were feeling, I just did the rehearsal dinner for about 50 for my daughter and wow.  Congrats on being the groom and pulling all of that off for 120.  My hat's off to you!

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  Congrats on the wedding And the food I don't think I could have pulled it off ....And thanks for the tip...

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congrats on the marriage,   been there for almost 25 years myself,   only one and havent thought about divorce yet,   just keep letting her think she runs the house and you will be fine,  when you argue, just go out fire up the smoker, do some yardwork and chill    it all works out in the long run 

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Touching story, as family is what its all about. Congrats Chris, and bravo for a job well done.



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Congrats on a job well done,

Getting married and smoking for 120+ in the same day......WOW!


I bet the pics are great.

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Congrats man. Sounds like a great day.

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I won't bore you with too many pics.  I know this isn't a wedding forum.  I never thought I'd be the guy showing off wedding pics, but here they are (the food pics aren't so great):


Cooking up some shoulders a few weeks before:




Here comes the bride escorted in her Dad's dirt drag truck:




The sycamore at my parents' farm:





Signaling the train whistle (the operator was a little slow on the draw - hit the keg too hard before the ceremony):





The Food:














The cake(s):








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Looks great Chris! Thanks for taking the time to share some pics. Once again Congratulations to you and your Bride.

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Looks like a great wedding!  I'm getting married August 6th and I'm envious of your spread/scenery.  I'm stuck with catered food when I really want some good smoked porkness. 

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no thats my kind of wedding why to go brother...beercheer.gif



looks like you married up!


just kiddn looks like a great day congrates for surethumb1.gif

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Congrats! Looks like a great time and you pulled off one heck of a spread!

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