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1st time ribs on WSM! (qview)

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I got a WSM last week and tried a small pork roast and brisket flat for my first smoke. It was edible... lol. The flavor was there and it looked great, it was just way too dry. I attribute the unflattering results to small cuts of meat, not knowing the true WSM temps and it being a first smoke! 


Today I tried ribs and they turned out great. I did the 3-2-1. I threw together a simple rub and spritzed with a 50/50 apple cider/vinegar a couple of times. Nothing too complex. I used mainly apple wood...maybe one hickory chunk.  They came out great! 


I picked up a thermometer you just drop on the grill to check against the lid thermometer and that help a lot. I was surprised not only at the difference in the two temps but also how much it could vary at any given time. I will be ordering the maverick soon. I can see how that is a huge advantage. 


I also threw a tray of baked beans in the WSM. Again, nothing too fancy...just some canned bean with spices similar to the rub, onion, etc... also outstanding. I could not believe how much of the smoke flavor made it into the beans! 


So thanks to everyone for what you have shared on this forum... Great information here!


And to prove it


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Great Qview  thumb1.gif

Ribs look awesome!


The Maverick will definitely be a big asset to future smokes.

Thanks for sharing


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Looks delicious!!



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Looks mighty tasty!   thumb1.gif

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