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Stuffed pork loin w/Qview

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Wanted to try one of my wife's favorite grilled food on the smoker.  Store bought loins with the middle cut out and filled with prepared stuffing.  Used Jeff's rub and wrapped in bacon.  Smoked with hickory and apple at 250-270*F for 3 hours and IT 165*...pulled and foiled to rest for 1 hour.  After 2 months smoking my wife of 30 years has given me another compliment!  It was very good, corn was a nice side...thanks to all of SMF tips and recipes.

Filled with stuffing.jpgFilled with stuffing

Rubbed and tied.jpgTied

Bacon wrapped.jpgWrapped

Loins, corn and Moinks.jpgLoins,corn and MOINKS

Close-up.jpgOne for Bear!

Thanks for look'n and for all the good advice.


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Great looking meal. Looking mighty tasty

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I love that. Kinda like a fatty but without the heart attack! LOL

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That looks great...

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Great job Teddy



Thanks for sharing

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Great looking smoked goodies...nothing like getting a compliment from momma!!!! Thanks for sharing the Views...icon14.gif

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Looks delicious!!

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