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Butt Conumdrum Solved (w/ Q-View)

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My timing is off and I could use some advice on how to proceed...


I started a 7lb butt yesterday at 4:00.  It got to 140 by 9:00 and I foiled it and moved it to the oven.  At 2:00 am it was 205 so I moved it to a towel-lined cooler.  By 7:20 it had hit 163.  I estimate that at 10:30 AM butt will cool to 140.  The problem is that the Father's Day gathering doesn't eat until 3:00 PM.


What is the best way to bridge the 4.5 hour gap?


A. Pull and load crock pot

B. Pull, put in fridge and re-heat

C. Load foiled butt in crock pot and pull and finish right before eating

D. Something I haven't thought of but you would be glad to share


Thanks in advance for the advice.




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Well, unless someone has a better idea, I'm going with option C.  I'll get the crockpot out and load foiled butt, temp probe and all and turn on the 'warm' setting or kick it up to 'low' if temp drops too close to 140.  Hoping butt doesnt turn mushy. 


Watch for qview later today! -- Addison





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I would opt for B.


Have you read any of the posts about cooking a butt or brinkman mods???


There is tons of info here...



Good luck!!



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Thanks for the reply Craig.  I've been lurking around the forum as a guest for about a month now and have really been trying to soak up all the great info and advice.  Taking the eCourse is next.


My original plan was patterned after 'Jeff's huge mistake' article.  He cooled his in the middle part of the day and reheated...probably shouldn't mess with perfection.  I'll pull the butt out of the crock and get it headed for the fridge!


Thanks again!

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I would wrap with towels and place in a cooler.

It will keep the 4.5 hrs you need, and will still be very warm.


Just my 2¢

Good luck and remember the Qviewbiggrin.gif

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Thanks. The cook went good. Went with Craig's suggestion and all turned out well.  Pork fell apart during pulling.  Here are the pics from my new GOSM inaugural smoke.


My New Toy 




Inaugual Boston Butt all rubbed and ready.


Rubbed and Ready.JPG


Out of smoker at 140 degrees, foiled and into oven.

Out of oven at 205 degrees and into cooler.

Out of cooler at 150 degrees...1st peak inside!



Falling apart with bone out clean,


Bone out clean.JPG


All is well that ends well.  I'll use a bit more smoke next weekend and work on my timing.  Thanks for everyone's great info and encouragement.  Addison

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Looks delicious!   thumb1.gif

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