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Table for dutch cooker

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I build this table for a guy that is in to dutch oven cooking but lost his job and could not pay. So I have this table and was wondering if it is good for what he wanted it and is there anybody interested in buying it.

Thanks for any info.


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Too bad you are not here in Alaska, as I would remove that from your hands with great pleasure. Hard to find a decent metal worker up around here without going to the 'big' city.. I am a country boy at heart..


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 Well I thought I post an update on my table. It is now a grill table. I got tired of looking at it and thought I could use it as a grill. Here are a couple of pictures of what i ended up with. I left the cooking grate off for the pictures and will later make 2 smaller grates to use in the fireboxes.








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Nice build you have there.

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I like it. Great job!
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Looks-Great.gifyour design is better.

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Excellent conversion. Now it's multifunctional.

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And now it is sold. A friend of mine came by and just loved the table. So he now has a grill table. Worked out just right.  thumb1%20copy.gif

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Looks awesome!  Nice build!!!

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That's a great looking table.  It must be nice to be that talented.

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Now thats nice.

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How much you asking for that?


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My bad just saw you sold it.

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thats exactly what i'd like for my dutch oven.  would you post dimensions so I can try and have one built here in florida?  now that i've added a smoker to my outdoor appliances i'm thinking some type of cook station to organize the dutch oven, smoker and grill.  your craftsmanship may be the beginning of the idea.  Thanks

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very cool build ya did Looks-Great.gif

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Nice looking table. After checking it out I built one for myself. Scrap metal plate (5/16) and bought legs at Lowes. Cost less than forty dollars.

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Very Nice I Like the Build

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Awesome,I like your design much better.

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