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Chuckies, brisket, and a fatty.

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Well, it's Father's Day weekend.  My mom mentioned having me smoke up something and she didn't have to say anything else.  I love an opportunity to play around with the MES!


This week's adventure is a 7 lb brisket flat, two chuck roasts, and a mega fatty! I couldn't resist an opportunity to throw a fatty in! I used Bear's awesome instructions for this smoke. Thanks again, Bear!


My MES 30 sure was full though!


I slept late this morning so I was rushing to get the meat in and as a result didn't get pics....sorry!


As I type the chuckies and the brisket is foiled and at about 177ish. They fatty came about about an hour ago.  This fatty is by far my best fatty yet. I bought some bulk sausage ground and seasoned by a local grocery store.  By itself its the best sausage I've ever had so I couldn't wait to use it for a fatty. I put sliced american cheese in it and chopped up a red pepper and threw in it as well.  Rolled 'er up and draped home smoked buck board bacon over it. The result was AWESOME! The cheese stayed in it nicely this time which was nice. Red pepper added a nice touch and the sausage was great. This fatty was almost the entire length of a MES grate! 




I'll get some pics of the beef when it comes out! :)

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Great looking fattie!  Enjoy!!!

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All done! Well, except the chicken I threw in toward the end because my mom can't eat beef or pork. 


I rubbed these down with a BBQ seasoning and A1. We got the seasoning from a bulk amish seasoning store. Thought I would give it a try.



Smoked till they were 170ish then foiled them. Pulled these at 207.





chuck pulled.JPG


Pulling these chucks was effortless! :) I would've liked more bark though. 





Rubbed this brisket down the same as the chucks. Foiled it at 165 I believe, and put in some liquid Bear uses. I would've liked a bit more bark on this too. 

brisket sliced.JPG


Yep, you're right Bear! Slicing with a knife is tough - it just falls apart. So I reached for the electric knife and it worked great. 


I saved the liquid from the foil as you can see above. I bet it'll be good tomorrow!

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...and the chicken!



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Boy that all looks good!!


Some nice BearView too!!!


I gotta take some blame when peeps don't get enough bark.

Anybody follows my instructions doesn't get real thick hard bark.

I think I get more than you got here, but not as much as a lot of guys like.

I guess if you want thick hard bark, you almost gotta "NOT" foil it.


Neither me or Mrs Bear like to have a heavy hard bark.



Thanks for the great views,


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Looks great!!



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Nice job! Looks like lots of good eating there!   thumb1.gif

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Great Job!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks guys! 


I've only made brisket one time before and that was in my chargriller several years ago.  It was good but I definitely like the MES better.  Next time, I may foil it for less time or something to get a bit more bark.  


It wouldn't have come out good at all probably if it weren't for Bear and all the others here! Thanks again!

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Everything looks great

Thanks for sharing


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Great looking smoke...everything looks excellent !!!!icon14.gif

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It will make a great neal

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Looks like a heck of a meal! Good job.

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great spread!! drool.gif

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That is a fine looking group of meats there. Nice job.

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It all looks great...

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It all looks great, nice job. drool.gif

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Thanks everyone! :)

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I made my first briskets on the 4th, and I did not foil them while they were smoking at all, I pulled them out of my mes30 when they reached internal temp of 180, wrapped them, and placed them down in the cooler, with towels and took it to my mothers house, it sliced up well, and were delicious, a 5 lb brisket went quick between 6 of us. it had a nice crisp outside, but tender and moist inside. Sadly the ends did not burn, so I couldnt try the burnt ends recipe.



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