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First Prime Rib w QView

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i am cooking my first prime rib on my traeger.  their recipe suggests cooking it at 300 which sounds higher than what i have seen on the forum.  the traeger doesn't make as much smoke at higher temps so i started mine on smoke for 1 hour then bumped it up to 225.  after one hour at 225 my 4# bone in is up to 86 degrees and the grill registers 240 on my ET732.  i kind of thought i might turn it up high right at the end if wasn't browned well enough but now i am wondering if i am screwing up a great looking piece of meat. 


also, my butcher trimmed the fat cap and bones off then tied them back on with butchers twine.  Said this is the way it should be done.  anyone else seen this approach?


thanks for your insights,



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BTW, here is a qview of the beast.




prime rib 1.jpg

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Hi Greg. I think the butcher did you well by removing the bones and then tying it back together. I haven't smoked a PR yet though it's my favorite roast and I have grilled more then I can remember.


I have a few waiting in the freezer which I will soon get to. I have smoked a couple sirloin tips, a bottom round and the latest just yesterday, a round tip. All have come out fantastic from the MES 30" so I now have the confidence to not screw up my beloved spendy PR roast.


I'm sure it's easy to do it great as long as you keep track of the internal temp. This is such a wonderful cut that I don't think you really need to go so low and slow as we would do for the cheap hunks of buffalo we work the magic on. 

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Wow.  came out really good.  gave each of my kids an end and i ate the middle (and part of my youngest son's).drool.gif  i will definitely do that again. 


so what i did.  i have tried several rubs for beef and not liked any of them so far so i went with something i knews - lawrys.  i figured this is a prime rib restaurant and i have had a couple great meals there so i just seasoned it with lawrys, smoked it on low smoke setting for 1 hour (about 180 degrees) then turned it up to 225 for 3 more hours until internal was 135.  it climbed to 140 while it rested.  the ends were fantastic with smoky flavor.  i used hickory.  i am thinking of doing this but just cooking cowboy ribeyes instead so that every piece gets and end.  i was never fond of the end cut on prime rib before but the smoke flavor and lawreys was crazy good on the ends.  i also have never been fond of cowboy ribeyes before because they are hard to cook evenly on a grill (middle is cold and outside if fried) but on the smoker i am seeing that thicker is better. 




prime rib 2.jpg

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MAN O MAN it looks yummy well done

it is bloody ALL will love it

it is a bloody good PRicon_smile.gif

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Man you scored! That looks fantastic!

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Looks Great...done just right...i did one today also. After a smoked one you will never bake another prime rib!!!icon14.gif

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Great PR Greg, It looks Awesome!

Thanks for sharing 241.png




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Excellent! Just the way we like 'em!   thumb1.gif

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