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My First Brisket...wish me luck!

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So, today is my wife's 2nd 39th birthday.  :)  We're having a giant BBQ tomorrow.  In efforts to enjoy the day, I took the day off work to smoke a brisket.  So far 70 people have confirmed...YIKES!  Yes, there will be more food cooking tomorrow.  For Christmas, my brother-in-law send me a frozen Akaushi brisket from Heartbrand Meats.  It came in a giant styrofoam cooler, and I was worried it was someone's body parts and there was a "hit" put on me.  I've never bought a brisket, but this was one fantastic looking piece of meat.  I can't wait to try it.


There will be continuous qview.  Here it is still sealed in plastic:




I have a fairly small vertical smoker.  Had to cut it in half.  The darn thing JUST fit, even halved:




It's going to be sliced in the end, and reheated tomorrow.  I'm fairly experienced at maintaining temps, and getting really good TBS.  So, it's just a matter of time now.  Stay tuned!!

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Congrats to your wife for having 2 39th B-Days biggrin.gif


That brisket looks huge! What is that a 20 lb er? icon_eek.gif


Hope you have lots of spare time lol

Keep the pics coming  popcorn.gif

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Good Luck coco. That thing is a monster. I will be keeping an eye on this thread

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It was in the 12-17 lb range based upon the website it was ordered from.  I don't just seems bigger.   There is a little wide angle lens trickery also making it look larger.  :)



Good thing I took the day off work!

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Well Happy 39th Birthday to your wife! Twice! biggrin.gif


I love the pic with you and that giant hunk of meat. I will be keeping an eye on this thread as well.

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Can't wait to see the finished product. Good luck. I really want to try a brisket soon, but briskets around here are like gold. There so expensive. That's what happens when you live in "Montreal Smoked Meat" nation.

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Been stalled for a good hour now.  I'll get some more pics when I pull the smaller one out.  :)

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Alright, the smaller top piece has been done for about an hour.  The bigger piece is almost done.  13 1/2 hours and counting...


There is qview of the whole process.  Here it is midway through.  They're both being finished in the oven at 225F under foil.  I pulled them out of the smoker at ~170F.



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Happy birthday to your wife! That gonna be some fine eating! Keep us posted!

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Happy happy .i saw a brisket like this befor it came from an elephant .

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It's so big your metal grates are bending! I love it. That's some serious meat.
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Actually those look like 18.5 Weber grill racks.  Now that's a true optical illusion.  And it's a great idea for an extra shelf if needed.  H-m-m-m-m.  Might just have to grab the old measuring stick and check it out with the Master Forge.  Thanks for the idea. 


And the brisket looks like a great success.  Hopefully you're going to show some money vues and don't forget the Bear shot........  He gets a bit snippy if you don't treat him nice.

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I haven't smoked one of those yet. From all the reading I have done I figure I should smoke a bunch of other stuff first. Well I have smoked a lot of other stuff and went to buy a brisky last Sunday at Cosco. The price stopped me in my tracks and I came away with the round tip roast instead. I will get one of those beautiful briskets yet one day on sale.


So, how does she taste? Why am I always hungry?

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The final pics are coming clean-up aftermath still needs to be taken care of. icon_smile.gif  The brisket was gone instantly!  It was a huge success, and I'm happy my first brisket was so darn tasty. :)

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Looks good...

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Originally Posted by NWDave View Post

Actually those look like 18.5 Weber grill racks.  Now that's a true optical illusion.  .

I totally would not have known unless you pointed that out. After further viewing I can see it now. Do those grates work better?


That is still a big chunk of meat!

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