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finally back to smoking

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So I've been without my smoker for a few months since I was forced to live in an apartment while waiting for a house.  Now that my first weekend in the house is here I've got to fire the grill up and get back to smoking.  I've been thinking and planning and preparing for months.

I decided I would go with a gool ol' brisket first (might add a fatty also, I mean what's a smoke without a fatty).  So I got myself a brisket and got it rubbed (tried using the yellow mustard first to see how it turns out) and then wrapped it, while I went to work.  When I get home from work, you know that smoker is getting started.  Hope the new neighbors don't call the fire dept. :-)  Not sure if the picture will meet bearcarvers standardds but I'm new :-)  I'll keep the pictures coming throughout the night (or morning as it will be in my case).  I feel like a kid at Christmas.


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Looks good keep the pictures coming.. The yellow mustard really just acts like glue. You won't even know it was there.

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Welcome back!  Congrats on the new home & getting your smoker back online.


We'll be waiting for the qview....popcorn.gif

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Keep the pics coming.  Your sig is correct. icon14.gif

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Looks good so far!

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popcorn.gifcant wait fir some more pics

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Welcome back to the smoke. Can't wait to see more brisket shots.

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Ok i will wait Wait-icon.png

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Welcome back,

I would go nuts without my smoker!


We'll be waiting popcorn.gif

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It was quite hard not having the smoker around for several months.  Even people at my work kept asking me when I would finally have it going again.

Once the brisket was on the smoker I decided I had to make a fatty.  I decided to put scrambled eggs and hashbrowns that way we would have breakfast when the family wakes up.  One of the bonuses of shift work is starting a smoke at 2 am after work and having delicious meat first thing in the morning.


I used some Bar-S thick sliced bacon.  And man was it thick!


Shortly after the fatty was on, the brisket was done, so I pulled it and wrapped in foil and towels and in to the cooler it went to sit.  While it was sitting I "whipped up" a batch of Bilbo's BBQ sauce (it's awesome)

When the fatty was done I pulled it and sliced it.  It turned out pretty good.



A few hours after all this I took the brisket out and sliced it.  It wasn't too bad.  I think I'm a little rusty and need to practice a lot more :-)


It was fairly moist but didn't have the flavor I was looking for.  I think some of the BBQ sauce will help it out.

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Great job on the fattie and brisky

Man, that's some thick bacon! One slice must weigh 8 oz.

Thanks for sharing your Qview  thumb1.gif






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Great job it was worth_the_wait.jpg

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Your smoke looks like it went great!!! The fatty and brisket both look excellent...must feel great to be back in the saddle again!!!thumb1.gif

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