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Another leg ¼ post (Qview)

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Smoked 20 lbs of leg quarters for a small get together.

I went really heavy with my rub, Try'in to get a nice crust.

I reduced the salt content just for this trial run.


Smoked them on Ribzilla with pecan @ 250º





Pulled at IT 174º and foiled to rest for 1 hr.

The crust idea worked great




Seperated the leg and thigh...................WOW was it juicy!




Here's a pic of the thigh meat





Thanks for checking out my foul  biggrin.gif

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Nothing foul about those thighs & calves!!!


Unbelievable BearView again!!!!


Thanks Rap!



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Looks great!!!


Party??  What party??? (sniff sniff)






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Well, you certainly got the crust.  Crunchilicious!  Now I am wondering about crumbs or corn meal mixed with a rub.  Hmmm?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Look at all that juice running out, awesome! icon14.gif

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they look great, well done

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Looks Yummy


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what was the rub?

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Looks delicious! Great Bear view!   thumb1.gif

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man, those look great....xlnt closeups

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Nice legs mate. Looks delish.

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I can only say WOW

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Those look awesome, and I second the fella who asked for the rub recipe because that skin looks awesome.


Another question...I figured that foiling the chicken for an hour would soften the'd you keep that from happening?


Again...that chicken is incredible, great job.

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Those sure look great...  beautiful color...

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