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Mom used to make a casarol out of bologna or spam .Looking good


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That smoked bologna looks great SOB...excellent idea!!drool.gif We ate plenty of bologna when we were kids...i still have that Oscar Mayer song stuck in my head...lmao 

Bear thanks for the great memory brother and i did the exact same I used to love holding it over the burner and when it would get cooking real well the little spatters of fat would flame up when flying off the meat...who needed a camp fire when you had a open flame in the kitchen...

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Smoked bologna!!!!

A man after my own heart!!!


Lol----That's another item I used to get yelled at about, when I was a kid---holding pieces of bologna on the end of a wooden handled fork, over the gas stove flame!!!


But it tastes so good, Mom !!!   no_no.gif



Thanks for bringing back the memories, SOB !




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SOB Mornin'. I noticed the magnifying glass. Is that how you start your AMNS ????

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  I could go for some smoked bolo myself!

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The Bologna looks good but...Saute them 'Shrooms in butter with some garlic and fresh thyme, de-glazed with red wine and reduce it down for a hell of a tasty Beef or Burger topping!...JJ

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