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questions about cold-smoked salmon safety

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I just smoked 1.5 lbs of fresh king salmon and it's delicious and pretty damn salty.  I brined it for 24 hrs (1 qt water with 3/4c salt and 3/4c brown sugar), rinsed and soaked it in fresh water for a couple of hours, let it dry out in the fridge overnight, and smoked it for 10-11 hrs with an Amazen smoker using alder and cherry.  I put it in my regular smoker (Smokin-It #1) and a couple of times the smoke stopped, probably not longer than 30 min either time.  I packed the sawdust too tight.  I put some ice in the smoker, it might have gotten warm in there but not too warm, probably not over 80.


I think I did everything right but I want to double check on the raw fish safety - if it's salty does that mean that the germs are all gone?  My wife is nervous about it - is she right?


If the smoke stops for a short time is that a problem?


How long will it last in the fridge and freezer?


I've seen plenty of recipes and tips, but I'm wondering if there's a basic recipe that just takes you thru all the basic steps and points out all the important safety steps.  Any books y'all recommend on this?



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Here is a great thread on cold smoking salmon. Hope this helps.

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It's OK if the smoke stops.

24 hours seems long to brine

Did you rinse good before smoking?

Should be good to eat


What's the intake & exhaust look like on your smoker?

Does it use the drain hole as the intake?

A couple guys use a cheap aquarium pump thru the intake hole, to provide adequate air for combustion.


How about some pics of your salmon?




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Hi Todd.  I rinsed the fish and then soaked it in fresh water and rinsed it off again, perhaps I should have soaked and rinsed a few more times.  My smoker is very well sealed and the only intake is the little 1/4" drain hole at the bottom, so I cracked the door open for awhile.  I'll look into the aquarium pump.


I brined for 24hrs because, I dunno, I just cobbled together some ideas from what I read online.  The fish has great texture and flavor, and more than enough salt.  Some postings say that I must freeze it since it was fresh, in order to insure killing all the germs - what do you think?


Also, besides trout, what are some other fish to cold smoke?




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There are guys on here, much more experienced than me, when it comes to smoking fish.

NWDave and Bearcarver would be a good resource




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