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Love some smoke sausage. Especially when it is not overdone.

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You can smoke fresh sausage for 10 to 15 minutes according to the makers of the little chief smoker. However you must then cook up like you regularly would. I have done this and there is no risk however after i cooked up the sausage i really could not tell it was smoked.. Keep in mind i smoke my cheese with 4 or 5 pans of chips. I love smoke.

As was said earlier if you grill it like hamburger or hot dogs and then put some wood on

the Heat source that tastes good.

You could also add some Liquid smoke to the sausage mix. That's good to.


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looks great....................icon14.gif



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You can take bulk style sausage IE: Jimmy Deans and the sort and make some decent smoked sausage. You can take 1/8 tsp cure #1 and mix into the meat. Dont add anything else like stuff with salt because it will dry out. Reform into a fatty or stuff into casings. Smoke with a heat of 150* check IT of meat after 2 hours. Bump heat to 170...check IT again. Try not to go above 170. The constant temp of your smoker will depend on if you have a good controller. If you cant keep the temp at 170 open the vent or even get small 1/4" wood dowels and put them across the smoker and put the top on the dowels. This will keep the temp close to 170. If you go to 175 just keep an eye on it so you dont fat-out.


Dont worry about taking the meat to 155. Pull the meat from smoker when you have an IT of 149-150, cover with clear wrap and it will IT on its own.


Ok back to me corner.

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X2 on Nepas.  Note carefully his use of cure.


Good luck and good smoking.

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