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Originally Posted by eman View Post


 Looks good but i have never heard of Black eyed peas in gumbo or scallops.

Here's a lil tip from cajun country.

Chop your trinity a little smaller . Don't saute the trinity. After you get your roux the color you want then toss in the trinity and keep stiring.

 the sugars in the veggies will caramalize causing the roux to darken a good bit w/o giving you the semi burnt taste.

 Also i have found that for a gumbo using equal parts flour and fat over med heat makes a better roux.


LOL, I was wonderin the same thing, Black eyed peas and Scallops, but hey to each their own. I agree with eman as well, if you can't get your hands on some andouille just use a good smoked pork sausage but if you can get your hands on some definitely try it. Definitely don't need to saute the trinity and equal parts flour and fat is the way I was taught. Also if you do find a place to order some andouille try to get some tasso as well. I love seafood Gumbo but any Gumbo well made is awesome.


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The reason I got started making sausage is to make andouille and tasso for red beans and rice,gumbo amd jambalaya.


I have the andouille down to just right and the tasso is next.


Eman makes some good gumbo...uhhh huuuhhh...mmmmmmm.







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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Huh???----"You Hammer Head ?!?!"


LOL---Just kidding!




I feel like that some mornings. hit.gif roflmao.gif


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OMG, ya got me craving some crawdads!  th_wsmsmile0ly.gif looks yummy!

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Looks so gooood!!!  Wish I had a bowl for breakfast!! biggrin.gif

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Never heard of black eyed peas in gumbo before either. but that's the beauty of gumbo!! I'm gonna have to try that next Gumbo Day.**

**My brother and I have formally declared the day after Thanksgiving to be Gumbo Day. No finer way to use leftover turkey, in my opinion.
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