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Originally Posted by desertlites View Post

IM thinking them look pretty dang good from here buddy, would love to find a way to crisp up the skin a bit. I have thrown them in the deep fry after smoke with some success. Of course before a final saucing.

  Thanks Bob, Hope you're doing well my friend. I love the deep fry too  biggrin.gif


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The wings look delicious Rap! They're a big favorite around here too.

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Originally Posted by raptor700 View Post


This is how it started 

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That's what I thought---You were the first to actually point out a "BearView"!


I gotta save that link, and call it, "The Birth of the BearView"!


And the first BearView was a "Raptor Smoked Chuck Eye"!

And a fine display it was !





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Yummy yummy i will love them to be in my tummy32.gif

Thanks 4 the Qview

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DAGUM- IT!!!!! You people are determined to make me want more wings!!!!

Jazoo H Christ!!! Those look Fooly Cooly!!!

Great Job!!



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