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Best WSM deal

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I've been trying to get a replacement for my El Cheapo Brinkman for the right price. This weekend, my efforts were rewarded. Thought this might be helpful to anyone looking for a solid smoker, one that seems pretty popular on these forums. My 2011 WSM 18.5 will be here Wednesdayish.


I paid 240, and I got a free cover, free shipping, no tax. Not trying to spam or anything, but this deal is makin this new hobby a bit less expensive to get into, so I don't feel TOO bad.


I'm super excited about my new smoker, ya'll!!yahoo.gif it says "24 hour spring sale" at the top, but it has said that for the past week and a half hehe. coupon code "dealsmoker" will get 10 bucks off from 249.99 to make it 239.99.


Hope this was helpful to someone!



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Your gonna love the WSM! It's a great smoker.

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Grats Dru! has been used by a lot of folks buying WSM's on this site. I was lucky enough to have a guy in town that actuall stocks them, so I did't have to wait for shipping or anything... lol.

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