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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs Q-View

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Be easy on me.. First time posting in this thread.. 439.gif


Ok first time using my Electric Brinkman Smoker.. Here we Go.


Started off with marinating 10 not 8 (lol) chicken thighs in a gallon ziploc with Zesty Italian Dressing.

14 hours later took em out wrapped them in thick cut bacon then dusted with a homemade rub..




Fired up the brand new brinkman, 30 mins later it was running at 250°[NOT 350]. So I put some water in a kettle and waited for it to start screaming .. Started screaming, so I dumped it in the water pan; it backed down to 225°[NOT 325].. LETS SMOKE


Threw em on with some apple and hickory chips.




Hour later I opened the smoker up and spritzed with apple juice..




after spritzing off and on during the smoke 2 hours later and we hit 160°





Here it is plated.. with some wicked baked beans.. used canned northerns instead of bushs.. nice smoke ring? LOL




They were a hit with the family.. Hope you enjoyed my post.


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Excellent! icon14.gif

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Nice job Chubbs

Very nice  thumb1.gif

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That's one good looking meal!   bravo.png

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looked great

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nice very very nicethumb1.gif

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