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Smoked Baby Backs over Cherry (w/Qview Heavy)

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Smoked 2 slabs of BBY ribs w/lump and cherry wood on a WSM. I tried a new rub to me called Rudy's Rub and Buffalo Wild Wings Hot BBQ sauce for my glaze. Hard to see the smoke ring in the lengthwise pic's. Enjoy!!! Thanks for lookin'!!!000_0546.jpg000_0551.jpg000_0552.jpg000_0553.jpg000_0554.jpg000_0555.jpg000_0556.jpg000_0557.jpg

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Those ribs look fantastic RP!!! Excellent color and they look very tender...juicy!!! I could go for a plate of them right now!!!icon14.gif  drool.gif

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oh man, those look nice! bravo.png

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WOW! Awesome looking ribs!   bravo.png

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Hence the name "RibKing" !!!


Really nice looking Backs!!!!





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Those look great.

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Man! Those are very, very nice,

They are the best looking BB's I've seen in awhile  icon_eek.gif



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Your makeing me want  some ribsdrool.gif

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Absolutely excellent, nice ribbage!

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Man those are some HUGE baby backs! How was that BWW glaze?
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I'm drooling just looking at 'em!  I'm ready to go to the butcher's right now!!!

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Awesome Ribs

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Thanks everyone for the great comments!!! I have been out of action all week.


Terry, the glaze was Awesome!!!

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