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First ribs 3.2.1 style (Qview)

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I decided to try the 3.2.1 style of smoking ribs today, all prior rib experience was done in either a slow cooker, or pressure cooker, and covered in bbq sauce of some sort.


Ribs all rubbed up, Membrane taken off as good as i could




Ribs after 3 hours of hickory and cherry smoke




Finished product:



And a cut shot, its a little blurry




Needless to say the ribs were the best we have ever had, and i think my mother in law is going to pickup a smoker and make her husband learn the tricks of the trade.

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Yeah, this thing has a way of catching around family and friends like a "wildfire," if you'll pardon the pun!  Funny how your MIL will make her HUSBAND learn how to do it! LOL!  And he will too, because all we men want is happy women in our lives!!!!  wife.gif


Great looking ribs ya got there!  Nice smoke, nice money shot!  Keep the food and the pix coming!  And welcome to the SMF family, where smoking is not only preferred, but encouraged!!!!

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Awesome color on those ribs,

Thanks for the sliced pic, it looks like a great tasting rib. drool.gif

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Looks delicious ! Thanks for sharing

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Congrats they look great bravo.png

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Awesome looking ribs!   bravo.png

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You did it!  And you won a convert too.


Good luck and good smoking.

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