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Beef brisket

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After you smoke a brisket how long do you put it in the cooler for and should i wrap it in foil? thanks for the help

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Double wrap in foil to keep the juices in.

Then wrap with towels a place in the cooler.

I like to let it rest a minimum of 2-3 hrs and longer. You can let it rest 5-6 hrs and it still be very warm.

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Thanks i never did the cooler thing before...same with ribs i would assume

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When you place it in the cooler use more towels (if needed) to fill up any empty space. That will help retain heat better.

You can do ribs this way, But remember they will continue to cook and the temp will rise a little.

If they were tender when placed in the cooler they will be falling off the bone when you remove them.

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perfect..i'm attempting alot of different foods this weekend(i hope) and i will try to figure out how to post pics.I love seeing everybody elses pics

 thanks for all your help

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No problem smokeumbiggrin.gif,

We'll be waiting for those pics.

Good luck buddy 

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didn't make it yet..trying it this weekend if i get time,i'll keep you posted

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Good luck, we'll be waiting!

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Me 2

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You can also pre-heat the cooler with hot tap water. 

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