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No stopping you now Ecto!


That's Great news !!!




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Man I almost missed this post. Awesome E.J. and congrats!

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Thanks everyone I have been so busy making smokers and cooking for parties I have not had time to cook for myself.  Hopefully once I hit my budget for the remainder of the year I can slow down and enjoy a pork butt or two.  I figure I got to sell 15 UDS smokers this summer so I can cook 4 more comps this year and not be out of pocket.  Having a Spice sponsor helps and they gave me a check but still have lots of ground to make up.  gonna make it though have a few more inquires with some local business.  To tell you the truth it is as close to living the dream as I am ever going to get with a family so gotta give it a shot.

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God Bless you Brother!  I am sure it will all go good for you. Keep up the hard work and it will pay off.


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That's great.  Best of luck in all the comps. 

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That's Fantastic News ECTO1....Your living the BBQ Dream..Congrats. Good luck with your competitions this summer and keep us up to date on how it goes for you!!! first.gif

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