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A Local's view of Tahiti (picture heavy)

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Hey all, last Sunday we had a family reunion on the island Moorea, the sister island of Tahiti.  Thought you might like to see the Tahiti that the tourists don’t see, Mrs JPT cousins cooked the food in an underground fire pit called a hima’a (hē-ma-ā), we had some time in the morning before the ferry left so we took some shots of the Farmer’s Market, you will see that some of the pics are a little low, that is because the sellers don’t like locals taking their pics, also please excuse the quality of the photos, our camera is an very inexpensive model.



The Farmer’s Market is the building behind the red shirt, we will go around the other side and enter in.


Stands outside of the Market.


Moorea Family Reunion 001.jpg


One watermelon $10, 2 cantaloupe for $15.


Moorea Family Reunion 002.jpg


Locally produced eggs, they are never refrigerated.


Moorea Family Reunion 003.jpg


The red fruits are rambutans, the wood is excellent for smoking.


Moorea Family Reunion 006.jpg


Tied up in bundles are taro, bean sprouts in the garbage can.


Moorea Family Reunion 007.jpg


The brown fruit come from a tree and are called “mape” (mā-pay), they are cooked in a pressure cooker.


Moorea Family Reunion 008.jpg


"Umara" yellow yams, limes and tomatoes.


Moorea Family Reunion 009.jpg


More umara, yams, white and purple, the white ones turn purple when they are cooked, that's my bride on the left, she's very camera shy. 


Moorea Family Reunion 010.jpg


Moorea Family Reunion 014.jpg



Now we’ll go inside.


Char siu, this is why it impossible for me to buy butt in the stores, all of it goes for Sunday char siu, there are probably 20 stands in the Market.


Moorea Family Reunion 015.jpg


Moorea Family Reunion 017.jpg


Moorea Family Reunion 018.jpg


Moorea Family Reunion 019.jpg


Tropical flower bouquets.


Moorea Family Reunion 021.jpg


Moorea Family Reunion 022.jpg


Flower of the ginger plant.


Moorea Family Reunion 023.jpg


Fruit trees and plants.


Moorea Family Reunion 024.jpg


Birds of paradise.


Moorea Family Reunion 025.jpg



Our local butcher shops, very hygienic, you notice none are refrigerated.  


This man is very proud of his meat.


Moorea Family Reunion 026.jpg


On the top shelf is lagoon fish run through a grinder, we stuff bell peppers with it.


Moorea Family Reunion 027.jpg


Moorea Family Reunion 029.jpg


Moorea Family Reunion 030.jpg



Moorea Family Reunion 031.jpg


Sugar cane mashed for the juice.


Moorea Family Reunion 032.jpg



Mrs JPT’s aunt’s stand.


The biscuits are called “ipo” (ē-pō), flour, coconut milk and sugar cooked in a steamer.


Moorea Family Reunion 033.jpg


Cooked bananas, the yellow is manioc, purple in the front row is the “taro,” the purple in the second row are the purple yams, and in the same tray is “uru” (ou-rū) breadfruit.


Moorea Family Reunion 034.jpg


In the white bottle is coconut milk and sea water fermented, “mitihui” (mĭ-tē-who-ē), “poi” (pō-ē) in the plastic containers, pumpkin, papaya, taro, banana, the fruit is mashed and mixed with tapioca flour and sugar and then cooked in an oven or hima’a, coco bread on top.   


Moorea Family Reunion 035.jpg



The Fish Market


Tuna, about $10 per kilo-2.2 pounds.


Moorea Family Reunion 037.jpg


Lagoon fish, he's 'negotiating'.


Moorea Family Reunion 038.jpg


Assorted Shell fish.


Moorea Family Reunion 039.jpg


More lagoon fish


Moorea Family Reunion 042.jpg


Moorea Family Reunion 043.jpg


Tuna, he's not happy I took his picture.


Moorea Family Reunion 044.jpg


The famous Breadfruit.


Moorea Family Reunion 045.jpg


A couple of “regimes” of bananas.


Moorea Family Reunion 046.jpg


We have gone through the Farmers Market and come out where we started, it was time for us to leave so we went back to the ferry, I’ll post the reunion on Moorea in another thread.















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Very Cool Gene.... Thanks for the tour!!!


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Thanks Gene! Boy the tuna looks good.

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Very nice Gene - thanks for sharing that with us. Nice to see another world from the one we're in.



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great pics, thanks for sharing

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Thanks Gene!!



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Awesome Pics Gene!


Thanks for showing!



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Thanks for the tour Gene and also  for putting yourself at risk in confrontations path from the vendors to give us some behind the scenes of tahiti...... it was great. I am always interested so see the way people really live. Not what I see on tv....



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Very cool, thanks for sharing!

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Gene, Thanks for sharing your neighborhood.

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Now that's a farmer's market!!!

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Thanks that is great... I really enjoyed the pic`s...

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Wow Gene that is very cool. Thanks for taking the time to share the great pics with me. Start putting your list together so we can get another box out to you.  

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Thank you for the tour.  A vast improvement over my farmer's market.  I don't see anything wrong with your camera's performance.  Wish I could get tuna slabs for around $5 USD a lb.  They smoke up real nice.

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Great job, Gene.  Thanks for posting.  You quoted some outrageous prices, but that tuna I could handle.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great pictures thanks for posting

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Thank you all for the kind words, I'll post the rest of the trip tonight.



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One more thing, do you see the difference in the color of the tuna in the case and the guy that wasn't happy I took his photo, his tuna is fresh, it sells for 1500 francs a kilo.



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Thanks Gene

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Man that is a cool market! Thanks for sharing! biggrin.gif

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