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Smoked Sweet-Cherry Bourbon Lemonade

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I came across a recipe for this and just had to give it a whirl, cause Me loves me some Bourbon an sweet cherries!


Hickory Smoked Cherry & Bourbon Lemonade

2 quarts lemonade (fresh or from concentrate)

1 cup triple sec or orange curacao

2-3 cups bourbon (to taste)

1 cup smoked cherries

Pour over ice.

just smoke the cherrys till they start to shrivel and dry a little.. the bourbon will rehydrate em.


First off I got some nice sweet cherries washed and loaded them on a clean grate to put in the UDS.

 Sorry about the pics---cell phone#%@*!




I popped them into the drum at 9:45 pm after I smoked some beef and pork ribs...didnt want to waste the heat left in the drum!

I used cherry wood at 225* ...checked them at 10:30 pm and thought they were not quite shriviling yet so I left them in till 11:00pm.

Here they are after the 1:15 mins bathing in wild cherry smoke! Sorry first pic here is pretty dark...whoa...and blurry!

Ahhh thats getting better!


So I decided to modify the recipe a little...

instead of just soaking the cherries in the bourbon and triple sec I ran the 3 ingredients  through a food processor then strained to get the pits out. Worked pretty good.

I only had 1 cup of bourbon left (Woodfords Reserve--try it you wont be sorry!) so I used 1 cup of that and 1 cup of Triple Sec. It made a nice pulp like slurry that I think will go nicely in the lemonade. Hopefully it will flavor the drink more evenly. I am gonna let this set in the fridge overnight and pick up some simply lemonade from work tomarrow.  I think it will be an awesome drink at my nephews grad party saturday!

I'll let ya know how it turns out.




Oh ...and of course I snitched a couple of cherries before they were processed...pretty good flavor....Really Good Flavor with the alcohol mixed in!


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Sounds gooood! Can't  wait to get a report on how the finished product turned out.

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It is happy hour and I got no invite?


Good luck and good smoking.

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That is something different... Sounds Good...

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OK.....Heres a couple pics of the bourbon- triple sec- smoked sweet cherries processed.

I cant wait to try it!





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SOB this is one of the coolest ideas ive on here in quite a while   sounds like a wonderful drink to sip on all day while smoking a brisket!!!  gonna be looking forward to some final shots

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drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like a great sauce for some ribs.......awesome sob...icon14.gif

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Mix it with some SBR. That would be an awesome sauce. Neat idea.

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you ran the cherrys with pits in them in the processor? i would think that would damage the blades no?


how much lemoaide do you use? to taste?

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Sorry I missed this one


Very Cool SOB!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Interested in the response as well. Thanks for the recipe!
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Great recipe SOB!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Great recipe SOB!

Al, we might have to try this at the SoFla Gathering


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Great job... Took another batch of the smoked bologna with your bourbon cherry BBQ sauce and yet another clean plate in a matter of moments. I see a theme going here... Thanks for sharing. You are one Brilliant SOB! Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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Sound delish! 

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