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My Memorial Day Butt w/ QView

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I just posted some Brisket pics over on the beef side and wanted to post the pork butts as well.


Smoked the Brisket and beans Friday night into Saturday. Started the butts Saturday evening and smoked them into Sunday.


Here they are rubbed and going into the GOSM. These were about eight and a half pounds each. I like to slather with yellow mustard then use my rub mix on them. I don't inject.




And here they are on Sunday and about time to pull. They all cooked pretty evenly and were between two hundred and two hundred five when I pulled them. A buddy of mine likes to pull his a little earlier but I like to hold out for temps around 205. He eats earlier... but mine is better! :) I use apple juice and Captain Morgans to spritz, and used Hickory wood for smoke.




These were a big hit but I once again failed to take pictures of the campers attacking the pork! :)



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They sure look good in the smoker!   

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That's a bunch of good looking piggy! 36.gif

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I looked thru my PM's and couldn't find my invitation! Must've got lost in cyberspace! Looks like I missed a great smoke!
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