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Memorial Day Brisket w/ Qview

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Hi folks!


I took the family camping over Memorial Day Weekend and were going with several other families so I decided to take the smoker along and have some fun.


I did a whole packer... was slightly over 12 pounds on Friday evening into Saturday. Then late Saturday I started the briskets but I'll put those pics over in the pork area.


Here is the brisket Saturday morning after smoking through the night, it was time to add my famous beans!




This next pic was after a few more hours and everything is about done to my satisfaction!


The beans were a huge hit and even I was impressed with them... Now I know exactly what I seasoned these beans with. The thing I suck at is measuring! So while I know what was in there, I'm not as sure on the measurements! Oh well, I'm sure that I can get close!


The brisket was great, I need to do these more often... matter of fact I don't know what I was thinking when I only bought one, I should done several while I was at it! My friends were impressed, I was surprised to learn that many of them had never even tried brisket before or had and didn't like it because it was tough and dry.





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Same as the butt! It looks good in the smoker!

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Thanks for the pic's! Outstanding job!

Although where are the pic's from the cutting?
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Looks good on my screen

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ill go camping with you if you feed me like that yahoo.gif
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  Looks Great,

I bet the sliced pics were even better.

Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

ill go camping with you if you feed me like that yahoo.gif

  Move over Brian, I'm coming too  biggrin.gif


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It looks good even from Africa

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