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Birthday "Pizza" Fattie w/Qview

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Made a fattie for my friend's birthday.  After the other guest arrived and began to eat the food he had set out, I opened the Pizza fattie made with Italian sausage, peperoni and provolone and began to slice it.   Like a shark frenzy.. I had to pull the last piece from some girls mouth just so the birthday boy could have a piece!







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Looks good. Sounds like from the response it was good.

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Sounds like ya need to make two next time! LOL! Congrats!
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Good looking fattie!   thumb1.gif

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very nice to bad it went so fast so we couldn't get an inside pic

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OOOOHHH that sounds awsome!!!!!


Nice pics..I love provalone!!!!

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Looks awesome, thanks for sharing.

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