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propane conversion

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hey all i have a brinkman smoke n pit ... i decided to switch it over to propane ... i was getting tired of baby sitting it ...  i had an old turkey fryer  burner that i put into the firebox... I would appreciate any tips or techniques that I should use to get it going strong and smoking like a champ  icon_biggrin.gif

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Hey Deep, This may give you some direction... 

Good luck buddy...JJ




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Any pics of your set up? I would think you could have a small steel box welded up that you could put above the burner to put your wood chips in. The afterburner is cool looking but definitely isnt anything fancy. Post up some pictures of how your setup looks please




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Hey there Black Widow all i did was slide a turkey fryer burner under neath the charcoal box i made .. works pretty good biggrin.gif


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Propane is awfully convenient, I must say.  Certainly makes me smoke stuff more often.  But nothing beats a good wood or hard lump fire for flavor, so I like to have the flexibility to flip back and forth.


I just took a side burner off of a propane grill (never use 'em anyway), and mounted it in the bottom of the coal bowl of a New Braunfels upright.  Moved the control dial from another old, dying grill over to the upright and bolted it under the bottom lip of the smoker, and -- viola! -- a propane upright that I can change back and forth to coal/wood fired any time I like!  Easy Peasy!




Of course, she doesn't look this pretty anymore...

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I took the burners out of a coleman cook stove and mounted them on a pice of flat aluminum  I can take it out in about 5 minutes my smoker is a char broil side fire box it works good I've had it over 300* and as low as 100*

char broil 1.jpg

char broil mod.jpg

char broil mod 2.jpg


not sure if the pic. are going to work or not but you can see them in my photos of the old smoker the char broil

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