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Go only an hour and a half though. I went 2 hours and they got to 190. ThunderDome did his for 1 1/2 and they were 165. Which is what I wanted.



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Gracias!!!  Thanks for sharing!!!!

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Originally Posted by Domingue82 View Post

i'm digging what you did with the chicken rolls going to have to give it a try!!!!

I was just thinking the exact same thing!!  Awesome documentation of the whole process, man -- nicely done!

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Hey Scott,

Doing up some of those awesome chicken breast rolls tonight! Will Qview the final results :) Wish me luck!

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Cool Momma. I'll bet they'll be great. Can't wait to see them.

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Well, here they are, and they were super fantastic! Juicy, moist, smokey, ooey, gooey, cheesey deliciousness :) Damn good eats! Thanks for the recipe Scott! These things were huge and my son who is almost 15 ate two of them because he liked them so much, plus all the sides!


We made nine of them, Ham, cheddar cheese & broccoli filled.


All nine.jpg






Look at that ooey, gooey, cheesey deliciousness, and all those beautiful juices!!!


gooey cheesey.jpg


Dinner is served! Sides were butter herbed potatoes & steamed broccoli :)




Needless to say, every plate was licked clean :)~

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P.S. My kids helped out a lot, and they are really into smoking with me :) My son Elliott saw the pictures of your ribs and said he was going to make them next! That boy loves him some ribs!

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I feel honored. What a great job you did.bravo2.png


Did you take pics of the whole process? We'd love to see it start to finish. We're weird about that. You should start a new post with all your pics. That way it's your own. Who knows, might make the rotating banner.

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Yes, I did document the whole thing. Should I put it on the Chicken post though?

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No.  Don't put it on a chicken post.  Put it on my plate!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Hey all,

I put the Qview of the Smoked Stuffed Chicken Breasts on the Poultry Forum :) OMGosh! I just had a recipe revelation! Be on the look out for a new variation of this recipe :) It might be a while until I have chicken again, so I'll try it then! The old wheels are churning LOL!

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LOL Venture! Check the Qview under Poultry and be prepared to drool!!!


Originally Posted by Venture View Post

No.  Don't put it on a chicken post.  Put it on my plate!


Good luck and good smoking.


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