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That chicken idea is great. I might have to try that.

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Nice rack, and I like the idea of the chicken too. I will give it a try soon.

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The ribs look fantastic, but OMGosh those stuffed Chicken breasts I'm gonna have to try!!! Did you brine the chicken first? Lordy I am so hungry now. Just put my chicken and potatoes in the smoker have a few hours to wait for dinner now :(

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Thanks all. I didn't brine them. Didn't rub them. Just a little SPOG. Pounded them thin and off we went. real easy to do and so delish.

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Sorry, but I am pretty new to smoking lingo. What is SPOG? LOL


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Salt,pepper, onion and garlic powders. They tend to do a lot of abbreviating and acronyming around here. biggrin.gif

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I use that same stuff you make your basket out of to keep the smaller pieces of charcoal from always falling through the grate, but it only last 2-4 smokes? how long does you basket last

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First off let me say the pics and the write up was perfect!!!! I also love food and pics of my food!!! Great job, Man it looked good!!!!!!!!

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I've done about a dozen or so smokes with it. The bottom is expanded metal from Lowes. A lot of the ash wasn't falling through when I had the perforated steel on the bottom. I also have it sitting pretty high in the firebox for better airflow.



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Thanks for the kind words Tony. I learned everything here.

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Learn something new everyday! Thanks for the Lingo Lesson LOL!

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When you gonna smoke them birds???  Food looks great!!

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Those are pets. LOL

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Man one killer spread


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All looks great, especially that yardbird.   drool.gif

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Never seen chicken rolls before,definetely a great idea.I really liked that cage for your coals,yet another great idea.The chow looked beyond awesome,thanx for sharing!

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Thanks for looking and thanks for the nice comments. The chicken rolls were great. I believe I inspired someone else to make them. That's the best compliment. Thanks TD.

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Giving ua yep thumbs up, not just for the great lookin food but also for the awesome, detailed qview... felt like I was with u the entire smoke... good job..

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Damn! I made these on Sunday (after seeing this post), and I forgot all about the mush and brocc. Next time..

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Good stuff right there.. We're going to smoke some chicken this weekend thanks to you.. Hard to get the Ol Lady to buy off on chicken.. She thought this one looked good.. What temp did you smoke the chicken?  I'm assuming the same as the ribs..


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