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Pot roast aka Chuckies w/ Qview

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Had some pot roast and decided to smoke it!!  I just put some black pepper, ground chipotle, brown sugar and garlic powder on them and onto the UDS







i put them in a pan w/ foil over it for the last few hrs and took them off at about 185ish cuz dinner was in 1.5 hrs



they had ALOT of bark which the Admiral really likes!!!  Next time i'll do more meat, cuz, it really shrunk up alot and my kids don't like the bark.  it was good and i'll do it again sometime!!  Thanks to everyone for the idea!




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Great job SJ,

Can't wait to see the next one  points.gif


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SJ here is my suggestion for you to make the whole family happy.  Put a pan of beef broth under the roast with sliced onions. When the smoke is finished pull the broth and defat it. Add some Jonnies Au jus to the broth and take the onions out and caramelize the onions. For the kids get some french rolls and some provolone cheese and make them French Dips. Trust me - the kids will love even the burnt ends  

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Yours looks delicious  bravo.png  , but I think Scar nailed it for you! 

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Thanks Scarbelly!  I'll try that next time!!

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Looks Great SJ, and try what Scar suggested, You will love it...

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Looks Great icon14.gif

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Nice some gravy.sausage.gif

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looks good....all this talk about French Dips is making me hungry for one

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