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Stainless Steel Smoker Plans

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I have been spending the last several years learning the trade of smoking from a cousin that had a big commerical smoker.  The only problem is now I would like to get into competition bbq.  The smoker I was using I am not able to use because of propane and electric.  Which leads me to this.  I want to build a smoker, but I would love to have one made out of stainless steel.  I found one online several months back that was insulated and homemade that I truly liked.  Can someone help me out on where to find some plans on building one?  I would like one big enough for about 4-6 butts and about 6-10 racks of ribs.  PLEASE HELP!!

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Was it a horizontal reverse flow? Or was it a vertical box similar to what a small to med size frig looks like. 


If its the first then there is an awesome build on this site, its an all stainless unit but I think its bigger then you want.


If its the second, you have a couple choices to think about.


There is two major choices, a backwoods style which has the coals right below the cook area.

Then there is the stumps style which uses a charcoal chute, similar to the way an automatic dog feeder works.


I'm gonna take a guess that you were using a Southern Pride smoker based on that you said propane and electric.

               A very awesome smoker I may add.


For comps you can use electric for anything but the heat source.

And you can use propane to light your coals, such as a burner and coal starter.Or a weed burner. So long as you aren't using it as the heat source.


If you can't find much info on the stumps, shoot me a PM and I will get ya a link or two.

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Their is a nice backwoods clone thread on her that very informative with cad drawings and pictures of the build.welder.gif

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Originally Posted by BentSmoke View Post

I build stainless steel smokers, can be viewed at BentArrow Let me know what you think,EB

First of all welcome to the forum, head on over to roll call and introduce yourself.  Secondly, how many $1700 barrels have you sold so far?  Seems just a bit high for a barrel, even a stainless one.

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