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2nd Brisket - With pics this time!

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Just put my second attempt at brisket into the MES.  Since I wasn't entirely satisfied with my first attempt, this time I thought I'd try something different.  Got a 10lb packer & separated the point from the flat.  After trimming the fat & using a jaccard on it, marinated with State Fair Chicken Marinade (I like it better than the beef marinade) for 24hrs.  Seasoned with salt & pepper & wrapped for 12hrs.  Added a little more salt & pepper & put it in the MES with the AMNS loaded with pecan dust.  Saved the trimmed fat & put that on the rack above the 2 pieces, to hopefully help moisten the brisket as it renders. 

2011-06-05 15.55.30.jpg

Point & flat after marinating for 24hrs. 


2011-06-05 16.09.26.jpg

Seasoned with salt & pepper and wrapped for 12hrs.


2011-06-06 3.19.04.jpg

More salt & pepper added.  Ready to go into smoker.


2011-06-06 3.20.41.jpg

3:15am brisket's in smoker with trimmed fat above.  Temp set at 225, & I'm going to bed.



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Looks great so far!



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Hit 165 degrees at 7:20.  This cooks way faster when you separate the two pieces (guess I should have expected that).  Put on a thin coat of Famous Dave's Rich & Sassy sauce & put it back in the smoker.  Also added some baking potatoes rolled in evo & kosher salt.  Pecan smoke & brisket is making my whole neighborhood smell great!


2011-06-06 7.27.29.jpg

Famous Dave's sauce & potatoes added.


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Keep it coming!

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Made it to 190 at 11:30.  Cubed the point & seasoned & sauced again.  Put the burnt ends in a foil pan & back in the smoker.  Flat was still a little tough, so leaving it in another 5 degrees at least. I want to slice it and still have it tender.  Foil pan must have taken up too much space,  Didn't get up to temp over the next hour.  Just got rid of the fat & moved the ends to the top rack.  Smoker's cruising along fine now.  Should have some meat shortly.

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Finally hit 195 & a fork slides in easily.  1:20pm, 10hrs & 5min.  Wrapped & in ice chest while ends finish & the lawn gets mowed. 

2011-06-06 13.22.57.jpg

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Wish I could be there for dinner. Lookin' real good!!!

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Nice job!  Man that looks good.  Getting warm around here need to fire up the smoker soon.  Thanks for the inspiration!

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Lets see those burnt ends friend.

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After 3hrs resting the flat, & 3.5hrs extra on the burnt ends, it's finally done.  And SO worth it.  These burnt ends are like meaty crack!  Already looking forward to my next one.  grilling_smilie.gif


2011-06-06 16.29.19.jpg


2011-06-06 16.28.51.jpg


2011-06-06 16.29.06.jpg

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Great job Ron,

Burnt ends are my favorite, and yours look fantasticdrool.gif

Thanks for sharing with us  thumb1.gif

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Man that looks good! Love those burnt ends!   thumb1.gif

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GEEZ that thar is sum fine looking Brisketthumb1.gif Say do you have any leftovers???

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Looking good and I am having a Pot pie for supper....th_crybaby2.gif

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Originally Posted by SMOKER OF MEAT View Post

GEEZ that thar is sum fine looking Brisketthumb1.gif Say do you have any leftovers???

Burnt ends are long gone, and the flat is getting there fast!   drool.gif

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Funny how leftovers don't last very long...I try to make mine last for at least a week but usually gone in just a few days. I did a Brisket 2 weeks ago and it went for 16 hours on my MES at 215. It was a 9.5lb flat. With that being said I thought to myself okay I'm not going to do a Brisket for at least a month and after seeing your post you inspired me to go out and get a Brisket for the weekendyahoo.gif

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Now your food looks awesome exceptionally the burnt ends. They are the best ever. The only thing that could be better is if you lived closer and I was coming over for dinner.

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Man, that looks good!  Got to wipe off the monitor now...drool.gif

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Looks awesome! I did one on Friday but yours looks way better! drool.gif
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