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New Foodnetwork Show BF BBQ Addiction

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Did anyone see the first episode today with Bobby. I liked his whole little set up there. I was jsut wondering what people thought about how he did things and what he used?

I was also wondering if people agreed with him soaking the wood chips. I have been reading alot of books and different threats that stated that you and other state you shouldn't. I would love to hear what everyone thinks.
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I don't smoke chips if I'm using low heat, if I'm using the grill, and it's going to be hot, I soak the chips.

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When I started smoking, I used chips or chunks soaked in a mix of half white wine and half water. That makes a great smoke for poultry. The idea i think is to keep the wood smoldering rather than burning. I found it only slows the burn a little bit.

Over the years I've become a bit lazy, and I have found that there no detectible difference in flavor and little if any benefit from just soaking the chips in water, IMHO. So little smoke is needed to enhance the meat, you really only need a little bit of wood near the coals smoldering away to accomplish your goals. Better (and easier) still: just use hardwood lump coals and never worry about any of it! (I told you I was getting lazy!)
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 On a charcoal cooker I soak the chips to get them to burn slower.

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If your using charcoal, then just use chunks, no need to soak them.

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It seems to me that soaking only produces steam before they dry and start smoking. Seeks like a waste of time to me.


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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

If your using charcoal, then just use chunks, no need to soak them.



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