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Spare Rib Sunday... and my patio project

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Hello BBQ Lovers,


I had BBQ to eat yesterday, does that me I should not be eating it today?  Ha ha, seriously if it's anywhere between Monday and Sunday it's a good day to make and eat some BBQ I say!


Today I worked on a backyard project, and man I need some motivation to keep me moving forward.  So I fired up the Weber Smokey Mountain, charcoal, mesquite, and some lovely spare ribs.  I hit them with rub and some vegetable oil and threw them in to smoke for 5 hours at 250 degrees.  I added wood once and flipped them a couple of times.  Pulled them off and let 'em rest in plastic wrap, foil, and a towel for an hour.  Then back on a the hot flaming 450 degree grill and painted them with yummy BBQ sauce with a special kick of heat, sweet, and tang... LOVE IT!


Thought I'd share so I took a couple of pics.


It was one hell of a Sunday.


Take care BBQ Brethren!



Erie, Colorado

spare ribs.jpg




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Nice looking ribs Shawn! Looks-Great.gif


That patio looks nice as well, really nice job keeping the lines straight - I know that can be the hardest part.

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Great looking ribs! Nice job on the patio too!   thumb1.gif

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Both Ribs and Patio Look Great...

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Those are some nice & meaty spares!!!

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Looks-Great.gifboth of them.

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The spares look great Shawn

Patio too, did you leave the empty space in the middle for a smoker? Hope so 51.gif  lol

Great job on both


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Excellent job on the patio.  I laid a round brick patio for a friend last summer and I can appreciate all the hard work involved.  Excellent looking ribs, too!

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