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First Birds (done by my bro)

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So my bro beat me to the punch on the first smoked chickens.  These were a pair of 4 pounders he did with no brine, and a brown sugar heavy rub.  He did them 4 hrs up to 180 with mostly cherry smoke and a little mesquite.  They were AMAZING for our first birds.  We saved the juices to make gravy and flavor some beans.  Paired it with broccoli cranberry slaw...good stuff.  Nice job, Bro!Birds.jpg
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Nice job on your first yardbirds! Looks-Great.gif

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Looks good from here how about a sliced pic
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They look real good. How'd the skin come out?

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Congrats on your bro's first birds, they look very juicy.

I would love to see them sliced opensawzall.gif

Good jobbeercheer.gif

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