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St. Louis Style Ribs and Chicken Wings ...lazy Saturday

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Hi BBQ Brothers and Sisters,


I had a crazy week and finally was able to relax today.  What better way to relax than breakin' out the charcoal & mesquite chunks and getting my smoke on.  My awesome wife Julia bought me a rack of St. Louis Style Ribs and some chicken wings yesterday so I figured I'd give it a go.  I wan't sure about wings on the smoker since I love mine crispy deep fried then doused in sauce.  They came out so yummy though.  

The way I did the wings was to spice them up, then in a metal bowl swirl them around with vegetable oil and Frank's Red Hot Wing Sauce.  They were on my Weber Smokey Mountain smoker for about 3 hours at 250 degrees with the ribs, and came out perfectly cooked for my taste... crispy on the outside and tender and juicy in the middle.


I took a couple of pics but they don't really do it justice... smelling and tasting is the real proof ha ha.  I saved a couple of these for my wife when she gets home I'd like her opinion because I thought they were kick ass.


Ribs I did with dry rub (secret spices... not really ha ha), and mesquite.  250 for 3 hours then 225 for 2 hours.  Flipped 'em a couple times.  Then into plastic wrap, foil, and covered with a towel to rest for about an hour.  Then back on a hot grill at 450 and paint with sauce 'till hot yummy and bursting with flavor.  I normally make my own sauce and we like it really spicy with a lot of kick here in Colorado.  I was being lazy so I just went with KC Masterpiece with some Tobasco... still good but the wife complemented me by saying that my sauce is way bettter.  I agree but of course I am biased 'cause I make it to my own taste.  The meat came out perfect.  It was a hell of a good Saturday!


Bottom pic is of the ribs half done when I pulled out the wings FYI.


Happy Smokin' fellow BBQ enthusiasts!



Erie, Colorado USA


ribs done

ribs done back

wings 0



wings 2

ribs 1/2 way done

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Looks and sounds great!
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Looks great Shawn

Nice pics too  beercheer.gif

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Great looking Wings an Ribs Shawn...

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Looks Outstanding Shawn !!!!


And some fine looking BearViews too !!!!




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Everything looks Excellent Shawn....My wife loves wings and yours look great!!!drool.gif

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Looks delicious Shawn!   thumb1.gif

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