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Originally Posted by FLbobecu View Post

Excellent looking bird and meal! I bet it was mighty tasty.



I was under the impression that Piri Piri is cooking using the African bird's eye chili?




I was able to find a rub from "Pepper Pilot" a website, and forum member on another forum, that packages his Peri Peri with the African bird's eye chili. It is about half as hot as a habanero - around 175,000 scoville. 








It has a beautiful flavor - spicy/hot enough to catch your attention and leave you craving for more - but not quite hot enough to "stop you in your tracks, hot". It's lovely, and highly recommended, if you can get a hold of some. 

Yes you are 100% right but i run out of bird's eye and i had only Cayenne Chili Peppers   in my garden

Sorry th_dunno-1[1].gif


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Technique trumps recipe.  Then, a recipe is just an idea to be fiddled with.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thats a beautiful Bird Gary! I dig the flavor combinations.


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Very pretty yard bird.points.gif

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