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hot smoked bacon wrapped pork tenderloin.... - Page 2

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Now wait a minute!!! BBB wrapped around a tenderloin? How did I miss this one?   feedme.gif

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Originally Posted by NWDave View Post

About those pecan chunks:  Did you kinda nose those into the lump as the smoke went on or what?  I'm getting a fair handle on using lump but wondered about adding chunks to the mix for mixed smoke flavor.



yup, if you mix them in with the lump they just catch fire and burn





MMM looks great, was it good and juicy?


it certainly was...............






thx sqwib!




meat............i bet yer lil' friend would not have missed it!

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WOW that looks great !!!!   There are other things in life besides a Weber....drool.gif

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all looks the ABT holder....great job

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That sure looks good. I wish I was having that for diner tonight.

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Wow, another great smoke I missed.

Looks awesome Rob, I love t'loin and bacon and I think you nailed it by the looks of it. thumb.gif

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Now, don't you wish that we could all get a taste of the smoked goodies that we see here?

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man that looks great  DAMN!

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That sure does look good!! Man I love some bacon wrapped anything :)

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Impressive!!!  drool.gif

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Dang Rob

I dont know how I missed this one. Outstanding my friend. Looks mighty tasty indeed. points.gifif I could 

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